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I see some patients these days complaining that they feel tired by lunch time. Obviously the lack of sunlight, raining mood and cold don’t help to boost your energies back to normal. Is there anything you can do about it?

Well, if you are just starting out in the morning and don’t eat something, then it is normal. However eating a sweet or simple carbohydrate snack is not a long-term solution as it boost your energy momentously. Afterwards you feel your mood deteriorating at that time: depressed, tense, impatient, and tired. You can’t concentrate.

I always share two suggestions to lift mental and emotional fog:

1 – Eat starchy carbohydrate as oatmeal, pretzels or rice cereals: avoid any fatty food, which will make you feel lethargic and dull. And don’t eat fruit during the morning till lunch time.

2 – Exercise during the morning instead of evening.

Acupuncture and Moxibustion are also good boosters for winter blues. Do not hesitate to give a try by booking an appointment at 089 400 5106

Photo by Stephanie Harvey

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