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During the period around menopause – a temporary stage – the change that occurs at the hormonal level can lead to certain discomforts that can improve with a readjustment of your habits, as well as with the help of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Depending on how your lifestyle has been during your fertile years and how your menstrual cycles have been setting up defines how your menopause is. Each woman handles it in a different ways.

Some have hot flashes prevail while others can be alternated with a sensation of intense cold. Vaginal dryness due to low estrogen and pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse can be another of its drawbacks. Insomnia with frequent awakenings and a feeling of anguish or nervousness are other symptoms that generate the most common reason of complain; as well as palpitations and changes in mood. Fatigue and poor memory, generalized joint pain, increased cholesterol due to the drop in oestrogen, are side effects that we must take into account.

What can we do to improve the symptoms associated with menopause?

Readaptation to the new reality as natural as possible and without the intervention of drugs that tend to become chronic, is a decision that depends on you.

Now from the perspective of Chinese Medicine we can consider different causes as the origin of the afove mentioned:

Following an inadequate diet with an excess of raw, cold and dairy foods, which can cause your Spleen to get deficient, generating a subsequent of phlegm and dampness. An excess of work with a lack of restorative rest also can lead to a lack of energy and blood. Those women under stress and emotional problems maintained over time block the Liver function and thus the free flow of energy too. Multiple births without a proper recovery also affects the Kidney functions.

As you’ve noticed, many organs are affected by our lifestyle more than our genetics. In order to know which is the most affected organ, a Chinese Medicine consultation necessary so the treatment is adjusted to your needs.

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