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It is important to know that your body regulates its cholesterol no matter what the dietary cholesterol intake is.

Cholesterol is only found in animal sources, while plants have their own sterols which are mostly shown to be beneficial. In high-fat plant-based foods (think nuts, avocados, plant oils, etc) there is no cholesterol at all.

When you’re eating high-cholesterol foods such as eggs, cheese, shellfish, etc, people think they will increase your blood cholesterol levels. Well, that’s not necessary. However, some people are genetically sensitive to dietary cholesterol.

High blood glucose and fatty acids do. This means that dietary cholesterol doesn’t. A high fat diet will increase your cholesterol levels though because it is a package deal.

By genetically sensitive means that it’s hereditary cholesterol is not regulated well and Science has not an answer for it yet. Maybe we should officially call it “Genetically High Cholesterol” instead.

High Cholesterol (either genetic or not) in Chinese Medicine is explained as a functional deficiency of the organ/s in charge of regulate your body cholesterol, because there is phlegm inside your body that needs to be removed. Of course a healthy diet and daily exercise is necessary to maintain your cholesterol diet within the healthy range however it is necessary some herbs.

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