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Our subconscious is smarter than us sometimes. It’s always sending signals. They don’t necessary need to mean anything medically speaking but changes always have a meaning. For example, a tingling feeling around you chin and bottom lip, wake up at night and stay asleep, low energy, tense muscles, frequent colds, loss of sexual desire, etc.

Maybe you even didn’t change your routine or anything, but those signals started anyway.

People don’t know how important it seems to manage stress. Stress Management is everything and this is something should be taught since childhood. All diseases start with an average level of constant stress.

How to manage stress can be giving yourself just a break (if you can). Burn out can be prevented if you have proper rest. Talk to your other half or family or friends about things that happened that can make you feel uptight. You will feel better too.

Play soothing background music while you are doing your work. It can make you feel relax and focus better too.

Acupuncture helps on reducing your stress, even one single session is enough.

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