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Digestive disorders are much more common than what we think.

They are so normalized that many times we are not even aware that we are suffering from them, however, they can severely affect quality of life and reciprocally influence mood disorders such as depression or anxiety.

When someone comes to a Chinese Medicine consultation, regardless of the subject that brings them to visit our clinic, we always ask about the digestive details. ALWAYS no matter what. If digestion fails, you medical condition no matter which you’ve being diagnosed, gets eventually worse. That’s why I personally treat your digestive issue along with your chief complaint.

Therefore you don’t get surprised if you come with a chronic knee tendinitis and I ask about you digestion, how often you go to the bathroom, if you have heartburns or reflux, gases or bloating after a meal or even how your poops are. Why? Because if your digestion is not correct, you tendinitis can’t heal naturally.

Nutrients are in food so if they don’t reach your bloodstream, then diseases get chronic. I would say 99.5% of times people struggles with medical issues due to a weak digestive system.

Let me be (more) honest, I know I will be able to help you once I’ve dealt with your digestive issues. Afterwards, we just need to focused on your other complaint and having a bit a patience to reach a successful outcome.

In Chinese Medicine we always are looking for excess syndromes or deficient syndromes. If you feel overheated or bloated after having lunch, then you have an excess syndrome. The same happens with overstress or emotional distress, which affects your digestive system having a lack of appetite. Or deficient syndromes on those apparently eating well and healthy with a very well structured diet but they feel fatigue, low mood or lack of motivation.

Each condition requires a different treatment. That’s why it is so important to check your pulse, your tongue and your birth nature.

Thanks for reading me!

Photo by Jannes Jacobs

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