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Have you ever wondered why you’re eating as much but you still are losing weight and your stomach is upset and you feel constantly fatigue? Is that normal?

Well, that’s STRESS. Actually, chronic stress… I would even tell that it might be something more than stress.

However stress is not always unhealthy. Temporary stress before a school exam, a job interview or even having a date help your ability to think, focus, and perform at your best is taken away.

When you’re stressed, your brain releases cortisol, which interferes with learning and memory.

Remember that stress is the number 1 cause of almost every disease. There are even studies that indicate that stress can have lasting effects on our DNA and microbiome.

Therefore, DO NOT take stress as a joke. It is not.

Chinese Medicine considers stress as a blockage of the regular flow of blood. If your stomach is upset, then the rest of the body becomes upset because doesn’t get any nourishment so also toxins get accumulated. That’s why digestion issues start to appear, headaches, upper back pain, tenderness in neck, etc.

Photo by Christian Erfurt

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