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For those struggling with anxiety for awhile, you might be getting really vivid dreams and waking up a few times a night. Probably you’ve been googling what it means or you visited a professional help and they said it was stress.

Stress symptoms aren’t easing up. The truth is that stress can do crazy things that you wouldn’t think would be possible.You can get crazy vivid dreams or also makes your blood pressure hard to manage, hyperventilating also happens, odd thoughts like life is not fair or real as seems the worse happens to you.

You should never self-medicate till your doctor or healthcare professional tell you so.

You can start doing meditation or physical exercise. These options are the most common but don’t provide an instant relief as the benefits happen when doing regularly. Acupuncture is an options that gives you an instant relief right after the session.

Now, let me give you another advice you might ever heard before:

Once you’re having a crisis, at your worst moment, take a sheet of paper and make a long list of all your concerns, worries or fears. Then go through them the day after, and decide which ones are feelings, which ones are worries about things in the past or in the future, and which things you can do something about.

From that list, just focus on working on things you can control and forget the others. You MUST forget about the others. They’re written down on paper, you can worry about them after a few weeks.

Thanks for reading me, as always :-)!

Photo by Elisa Ventur

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