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You become super tired for no reason. You eat, drink lots of water, and get exercise, but still feeling tired.

According to Western Medicine, severe fatigue can be due to literally hundreds of things. Most of the times is related to anemia, however… what if your iron levels are OK? You might check other values such as TSH, Vit D, B12, etc. All good. So that does not explain anything.

Other causes can be depression, sleep apnea, dehydration, diet related or lack of exercise.

Chinese Medicine considers chronic fatigue a DEFICIENCY condition. Not literally deficient on a specific blood value, but an organic or systemic deficiency. Generally speaking the STOMACH and/or SPLEEN are the ones more affected even though your scans or/and tests are proving they seem to be fine. However, not necessary mean they’re fine.

There are non-measurable signs and symptoms that can prove something wrong is happening in your body. Fast digestion or dumping syndrome is very common where you seems to eat well and healthy but you don’t absorb all the nutrients you digest. Your blood tests seems to appear OK but just because you’re overeating huge amounts of foods, not because you’re absorbing everything you’re ingesting.

No blood test can measure that but it can be easily diagnosed by Chinese Medicine.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

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