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Things you didn’t know about Acupuncture and Sports… what will probably change your life!

We all have suffered an injury to some extent at the most inopportune moment of a hard physical preparation or even in a competition. Or a pain that does not let us continue in the marathon that we have been preparing for 6 months. Not necessarily a competition as we all suffer from muscular overload that makes us unable to reach the goal.

Did you know that Acupuncture is helping thousands of athletes overcome all these “obstacles”?

Here’s a list of benefits you were not aware of:

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect: acupuncture has an immediate and very surprising effect when it comes to ending pain. Although this effect is most noticeable in chronic pain or injuries, it is also evident in acute or subacute injuries. The insertion of small steel needles into certain points on the body stimulates the nervous system profoundly. The nervous system identifies this stimulus as an external aggression and as a protection mechanism, the different phases of inflammation are triggered. The inflammatory process is an abnormal situation and, therefore, an attempt must be made to reduce it, so the release of mediators that act as endogenous anti-inflammatories and analgesics begins. These endogenous analgesics or natural opiates are called endorphins and there are three large groups, which are enkephalins, beta endorphins and dynorphins.

Furthermore, the effect of acupuncture is cumulative; the second time it is pricked, the body secretes more opioids than the first and so on, producing sustained analgesia over time as the acupuncture sessions continue.

Accelerates tissue repair: acupuncture also cures. First, it is anti-inflammatory which helps tissues quickly recover their normal state. And second, the insertion of the needles produces vascular changes that translate into an increase in blood flow in the area to be treated, which provides tissue repair nutrients and regulators of the chemical reactions involved in the injury and oxygen, essential for the body to repair tissues. In turn, it takes away any waste substance that the area no longer needs.

Shortens recovery time after injury: acupuncture significantly shortens the recovery phase and makes it easier to return to our training sessions much sooner than if acupuncture were not used, shortening recovery time by up to 50%, as we have been seeing in our patients. The difference is remarkable. Of course, several sessions will be needed for full recovery, which vary from 5 to 20 depending on the patient’s constitution and type of injury.

More effective and faster recovery from fatigue: acupuncture prevents muscle overload and facilitates recovery after training. Why? Because it facilitates the removal of lactic acid from the muscle, thanks to this stimulus to the nervous system and increased blood flow in the area, which collects all waste substances. Thus, recovery after physical effort is faster and avoids muscle overload.

Injury prevention: acupuncture increases blood flow and therefore improvement of blood circulation, elimination of lactic acid and segregation of neuromodulators, which favours muscle elasticity. Thus, you can avoid injuries such as painful muscle’s fibre breakage. Used regularly in our physical preparation routine prevents injuries.

Reduces anxiety levels: many elite athletes suffer a high level of demand. This sometimes translates into significant anxiety for many of them. Through the segregation of modulators and endorphins from the nervous system produced by Acupuncture, anxiety is kept “at bay” (in fact, anxiety is the number one reason for visiting our office). Acupuncture produces a state of profound relaxation.

Improves lung capacity: there are studies that show that acupuncture improves the metabolism of mitochondria at the cellular level, an action that improves the process of oxygen uptake in the body. Thus, the lung capacity could become greater, reaching more oxygen to the tissues to increase physical performance.

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