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Colds and Flus are the body cleaning itself. Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of smell and taste, etc are all ways that the body ejects waste materials from the body. When we keep putting in waste creating foods and toxins we require cleaning events to keep us from getting chronic diseases.

Since we have been taught to fear these body cleaning events and call them diseases most of us reach for a toxin of some form to stop the symptoms when they arise. We treat them because they’re uncomfortable, but we shouldn’t think they’re necessarily bad.

Some think it has to do with the environment. Time of year (aka temperature and moisture) determines the viability of a virus outside its host.

Then, why some people get colds and flus and others not if they’re exposed to the same environmental conditions?

Some would relate to a strong immune system. However we Chinese Medicine practitioners see it like an internal deficiency. If we strength this deficiency, you get immune to any external factor.

Colds and Flus require tremendous energy. You can think of your body like a battery. It has a limited store of energy. Energy is replenished each night as we sleep and it is drained when we awaken and begin our day. Digestion is the largest energy drain on the body. The heavier the meal we eat, the more energy we drain. The more inappropriate the substances we eat, the harder the body has to work to eliminate them. So with most people putting in inappropriate foods on a daily basis and subjecting their bodies to daily poisoning through food, air and water, most people have enough waste built up to warrant a body cleaning event but they do not have enough energy to create one.

Therefore, the body will not create another deep level cleaning event until it is able to generate enough nerve energy, which is why colds and flus only happen periodically. This means that the fact you’re getting a flu on December is the result of what your lifestyle has been the previous months. This is why we should prepare for flu seasons in advance.

The body needs energy to clean itself. When it gets drained is why colds and flus happen periodically. You will also notice that many people get colds and flus on vacation or around holidays. This is because they are typically resting more,
sleeping a little later, not having to run off to work. Even this small shift in energy conservation is enough to create a enough energy for a body cleaning event.

But some people get to a point where they no longer get colds and flus. What does this mean? As peoples bodies get more and more toxic they eventually reach a point where they are not able to mount these cleaning events at all and then the body progresses up the disease ladder into the chronic degenerative diseases.

This is why you always hear people say “I never get sick” or “I can’t have cancer or depression, I haven’t had so much as a cold in 20 years.” but that is precisely why they develop a serious medical condition, because the body isn’t able to clean any waste for so long that it has no choice but to create cysts or similar to store the waste.

Colds and flus are certainly common, but common does not mean normal. In a clean body being fed only the appropriate foods we should never see a cold or flu. On rare occasion we might encounter a toxin and generate a small expulsion event. For example, we walk past a cigarette smoker and we instantly cough to eject that poison. The cigarette smoker doesn’t cough because their body has become tolerant of the smoke (Toleration vs Immunity).

Expulsion symptoms in a clean body are short and never develop into a full blown cold or flu simply because there is not enough waste in the body of someone eating their natural diet to warrant such cleaning symptoms.

Therefore, colds and flus are common but they do not have to be. They are not normal, they are a product of our abnormal diets and abnormal chronic disease states. They are an indication of Toxemia/Acidosis building in the body and should be a warning sign to clean up our bodies.

Only having a normal blood flowing through the body without stagnation, one can consider himself “healthy”.

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya 

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