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Here we’re listing some free tips to cope with migraine at home.

1 – SLEEP: Make sure to sleep well and all the hours you need. It doesn’t necessarily mean 8 hours per day… maybe you need more or less.

2 – FOOD: Your meals must follow a schedule and structure. Follow a healthy diet reducing to the maximum the intake of chocolate, coffee, wine, dairy, smoked fish and others. Do not eat in a rush! This is very common on people suffering from migraine.

3 –  PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: if you move, your blood moves so internal head pressure is relieved. 

4 – SIT WELL: Bad sitting posture builds an unbalanced habit which might trigger headaches in the long run. 

5 – RELAX: No matter what you do either yoga, meditation, jogging… just perform a relaxing activity once a day during 30 mins minimum.

6 – QUITTING: smoking never helps so time for change.

7 – STRETCHING: focusing on the neck and upper back. Make sure you’re stretching dynamically. You can even perform it on your desk.

8 – SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS: check your vision every now and then. Maybe you need glasses and you’re not even aware of.

9 – HYDRATION: Migraine is commonly a heat condition based on Chinese Medicine. It can be understood using this comparison: lack of hydration brings lack of blood which turns into thickened blood flowing abruptly plus emptiness. This brings internal wind and stagnation with symptoms such as head heaviness or migraine.

If nothing makes a big difference, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture might be what you need. Feel free to reach out.

Photo by Matteo Vistocco

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