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This post is not about acupuncture and Chinese medicine. But health.

Have you ever asked yourself how you know you’re healthy? I mean… Being healthy means being pain free? Well, not necessarily… Diabetes is pain free and it is an unhealthy condition to deal with.

Well, there are some daily signs your body is sending you which let you know if you’re actually healthy. However let’s focus on the most important sign in this post.

One of the most obvious signs of the internal health of our organs is the condition of our bowel movements. A healthy person with good organ function has at least one healthy bowel motion a day. If it is not happening at least once a day than we have probably got constipation. The longer the time between bowel motions the worse the constipation and the worse the organ function. This needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Pharmaceutical drugs, like codeine are well known for causing constipation.

You need to work at getting your bowel movements to one a day. The simplest suggestion is to eat oats for breakfast and add some prunes and linseed to promote healthy bowel movements. Magnesium oxide is a substance you can take that has a very laxative effect and pulls out excess water in the gastrointestinal tract and cleans out the colon.

It may also be worth getting a series of colonic irrigation treatments (also known as colon cleansing) to help flush the system out.

Yoga, acupuncture and regular exercise will also help greatly in stimulating the organs and helping the body in producing regular and healthy bowel motions.

For a healthy bowel movement it generally needs to be well formed and brown in colour. If they are runny, black, like little pebbles, painful to pass or stink to high hell then this is a sign something inside is not doing so well. Try to adjust your foods, and if it was a bad bowel motion see if you can remember what it was that you ate that could have caused it.

To Summarize:

– Bowel motions are a good indicator of internal organ health.
– Having a bowel motions once a day is a healthy sign.
– Having well formed, brown in colour bowel motions and don’t smell too bad are all good signs.
– If bowel motions are not happening once a day or they are not well formed or smell very bad most of the time then consider getting a series of colonic irrigation treatments and incorporating well cooked oats and prunes into your breakfast.
– Acupuncture, yoga and exercise will also assist in producing healthy and regular bowel motions.

Photo by Kevin Kandlbinder

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