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Temperatures seems to drop drastically within the next few weeks here in Ireland. Climate Change seems to be responsible somehow where summers and winters are turning extremely warmer and colder year after year respectively. As warmer the summer is, winter should follow the same pattern. That’s the way the World (and life) keeps a balance.

Let’s go to the point: first tip would be to avoid the cold (the golden premise ;-)) however there are some people who still feel cold even when it is hot, it is summer or under blankets. Why?

Let’s start with the winter healthy tips:

– Maintaining an adequate temperature, neither too cold nor too warm, in the spaces where we spend a lot of time during the day and where we sleep is essential.

– As for clothing, the “onion technique” is recommended. Putting on several layers of clothing that can be put on or taken off according to what is needed at all times. Cotton clothing is the most suitable, especially in the case of underwear; It is a soft, comfortable fabric that retains heat very well, outdoor clothing should be more spacious and insulating.

– It is advisable that shoes and socks are somewhat wider in this season to promote the circulation of energy in a light and harmonious way, to ensure comfort and warmth in the legs. Hands and feet are susceptible to chilblains and must be cared for. Additionally, the fingertips are where the ‘energy relay’ occurs between the yin meridians and the yang meridians that run through the entire body, completing the circuit. If you don’t believe about energies, basically that means that the fingertips are the most vascularized and superficial areas of the body: the more superficial, the more perception of cold by the nerves.

– Hot meals are the key during these months specially at night. Globalization has made possible to keep eating out of season vegetables and fruits during winter which actually cool down your body from the inside making your immune system to shut down progressively.

It is normal to feel cold during Winter. What’s abnormal is not to feel anything. Those who always feel hot during winter (e.g easily see them outside without a jacket, red face, walking fast, etc) usually have an underlying asymptomatic condition.

Photo by Matthew Henry

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