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Gravity just amplifies any chronic pain so much. Trust me when I tell you that people suffering from chronic conditions would wish earth had moon like gravity. Or just less than it is now at least. Just getting out of bed or moving I feel like a million pounds.

Maybe the future will bring us cheap sleek powered exoskeletons so people will be able to do normal life, but these are not readily available and insurance approved yet.

Aqua Therapy is also a good option while you’re in the water, it is heaven BUT getting out of the water take you back to the pain and it’s awful. The same happens with Float Therapy, where effects don’t last forever.

Now, Chinese Medicine is a complete effective approach. Any chronic condition generates an internal deficiency. This internal deficiency is the responsible of being on bad mood, pessimistic, stressed and a constant feeling of lack of energy. Basically it is not the gravity out there the cause of the problem, but the lack of vitality to move your body through.

Acupuncture is an excellent therapy to treat pain, with immediate relief. However, acupuncture can’t help you with that internal deficiency. Chinese Herbal Prescription is what’s required to get back to normal.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

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