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Smoking is an addiction that causes serious consequences for our health. According to the WHO, it is the leading cause of disability and premature death in the world.

Smoking is directly related to various types of cancer (lung, bronchial cancer, kidney, stomach, liver, among others), notably increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases (myocardial infarction, thrombosis, stroke…), respiratory (emphysema lung…) and gastrointestinal diseases (gastric ulcer, reflux). In addition, it causes premature aging, not to mention the risks in pregnancy for you and your baby.

Fortunately, it is in your hands to stop smoking and avoid its terrible consequences. You will see that shortly after quitting you will start to perceive odours more intensely, even those that previously went unnoticed, the taste of things will be much more intense and you will be able to breathe much more easily. If you have hypertension, you will notice that it is better controlled and blood circulation also improves.

We know that quitting is not an easy task, but at AcuRodos – Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Clinic we can give you a hand.

Through acupuncture and herbal medicine we can go along with you in the process to control the common anxiety, helping you to control your mood into a more serene avoiding the irritability that is so frequent the first few days. We will also help you control to gain weight that is usually associated with eating instead of smoking.

It is important that before we start treatment you are really convinced that you want to quit smoking. In that case, the treatment will be very effective as it will help to build a better willpower and reduce anxiety.

Our “Quit Smoking Program” consists on 1 session per week during the two weeks prior to the day you decide to quit smoking so we can prepare you to take the step. When the day comes, we will carry out three sessions in a row: one the day before, another one the same day and the day after which will help you reduce the strong anxiety of the first days. The treatment will continue with two sessions per week the following two weeks, which correspond to the period of physical abstinence. At this point we will make an assessment of your condition and together we will plan the steps to follow. Depending on the level of psychological dependence, you will need to continue with one visit a week until you overcome it, or with occasional follow-up visits.

We will evaluate your general wellbeing and we will seek to balance it so that the process is as bearable as possible.

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