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How Chinese Medicine can help at this stage?

Ovarian stimulation is the second stage of IVF fertility treatment. It also happens if you decide to donate eggs or vitrify your own for future use.It consists of the injection of hormones (mainly FSH) to increase the number of eggs that mature in a menstrual cycle, so the chances of obtaining several embryos that can be transferred in more cycles of in vitro fertilization increase.

During the days of stimulation, Acupuncture has three main objectives:

1. SUPPORTS THE GROWTH AND MATURATION OF THE FOLLICLES: as increases blood flow in the uterus and ovaries, which improves the degree of nutrition and stimulation of follicles. This favours that there are more mature and better quality oocytes for IVF. And in the case of artificial insemination (AI), it stimulates good maturation and efficient ovulation.

2. INCREASE THE THICKNESS AND QUALITY OF THE ENDOMETRIUM IN PREPARATION FOR THE TRANSFER: For the endometrium to be receptive and the embryo to implant properly, it must reach a minimum thickness and have particular characteristics. Acupuncture enhances endometrial capacity.

3. RELIEVES SYMPTOMS AND HELPS KEEP SERENITY: There may be swelling and irritability and, most often, they feel fatigued and stressed due to continuous visits to the medical center for laboratory tests, ultrasounds, etc. The emotional part can be especially affected.

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