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Are you aware of how your body may be affected by certain emotions?

In Chinese medicine, it is considered that the dysfunction of an organ affects a certain emotional aspect of the person. This means that a medical condition within an organ affects how you handle a specific emotion tailored to that organ. On the same rule, an emotion will affect the organ that governs it or the most weakened, as body and emotions are related. For example, chronic stress usually will end with Liver’s issues.

When a repetitive tendency toward a particular emotion is established, the related organ will be permanently affected, as a vicious circle is established that can only be broken by treating the emotion, the organ affected and the nervous system and the affected organ with acupuncture and sometimes herbs.

Psychotherapy might be great to combine with as teaches us emotional intelligence: emotion is the creator of an energetic state that, if it is not expressed in a constructive way, will end up appearing as an excess of energy in the organ involved, exhausting it.

For those with a weak nervous system, the emotional stress maintained over time will weaken it even more, appearing symptoms of vulnerability, fragility, propensity to fear and instability. As time passes, different organs will be affected, and a wide range may appear. of physical ailments (digestive, circulatory, autoimmune, etc.).

Disillusionment, fear, anger, worry, tension, frustration, grief, and sadness are examples of that gradual, sustained stress that can affect us physically. For this reason, it is important to treat the emotion while strengthening the affected organ with acupuncture and herbal materia.

By looking at the pulse, tongue, and facial color, one can measure the extent to which these emotions affect the organs, even before symptoms manifest, or when they already do and are not identifiable by medical tests. These are the so-called psychosomatic disorders, which from Chinese Medicine are considered as early signs of illness and which we must treat preventively.

The patterns of habits in daily life, acupuncture and Chinese herbs will help us restore this manifestation of energy imbalance, avoiding the disease in the long run, as it is considered a progression of energy to matter.

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