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Have you ever wonder why you suddenly start suffering from knee pain, or hip pain, upper back pain, neck pain without any injury or cause?

Sometimes we’re all told that pain is due to overage, or holding a bad posture for too long, overweight might cause knee pain, etc.

Somehow there is some truth on all those reasons but there is always a correlation between them -> You start suffering from pain when your body symmetry is broken.

Body symmetry interrelationships exist in the nervous system, especially various reflexes such as oculopelvic, crossed extensor, withdrawal, gait, and other such patterns. 

When a patient comes to my clinic, part of my diagnosis is a detailed observation of the body, how my patient moves, sits on the chair, walks up the stairs or even lay down on the treatment bed. Why? Because I am looking for structural similarity.

Therefore if you suffer from any pain, your body symmetry changes. If the body symmetry changes, new joints are being affected developing into new and recurrent pains if untreated.

For example, pain in the knee is enough to make walking difficult. However, in more ways than one, a bad knee will also affect the hip joints. Research has shown that Knee ostroarthritis affects the hip range of motion, the coronal motion arc, and joint moment of the hip joint. A bad knee will also cause problems with hip joint function pain.

This is the reason of why if you’re suffering from any pain in your body, you should treat with no much delay as complications always appear if otherwise.

I am always looking to provide the most effective treatment within the less number of acupuncture sessions as possible. That’s why The main purpose of your visit to my clinic is to help the body regain symmetry and ease of movement.

Therefore, when observing gait or posture, I am able to note the areas that seem pulled, twisted, or dropped. Acupuncture and Tui Na Massage helps to lengthen shortened areas, untwist twisted areas, raise dropped areas, drop
raised areas, soften hard areas, harden soft areas, warm cold areas, and cool hot areas (Heating applied with acupuncture).

Acupuncture helps to rebalance your body by easing the pain and fix your structural unbalance.

Photo by Sports & Exercise Massage Comprehensive Care for Athletics, Fitness, & Rehabilitation 2nd Edition by Sandy Fritz – Page 219

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