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Spring is the time to detox our body before summer starts. The Liver and Gallbladder are organs that are easily blocked and therefore tend not to function properly causing imbalances in the body from excess above all, but also deficiency syndromes.. Spring is when these two organs are at their maximum expansion.

If they are blocked, they will lack space to “move” and this is when we will notice more symptoms of liver medical conditions later. That’s why is better to get blood tests during this time of the year to have an objective picture of how our liver is working.

People who regularly consume alcohol, meats, eggs or sausages (more than 2 times a week), daily bread or toast, sugar (in all its forms: pastries, cakes, sugary drinks…), dairy products, food with additives and preservatives and regularly take medications are very likely to suffer from liver congestion.

How can we decongest the liver?

Giving less work to the Liver and Gall Bladder by eating healthier, stopping taking substances that harm it and helping on its functions of depuration and cleaning tasks with certain foods, plants and exercises.


– Alcohol, tobacco, coffee (you can have one a day, make sure it is a good coffee and organic), strong spicy foods, meat, fats, eggs, fried foods, sugar, pastries, unnecessary medicines and excess food.

– Have breakfast if you wake up tired, with a pasty mouth and a slightly bitter taste in the mouth. On these days, take an infusion of bitter chamomile with the juice of half a lemon, without sweetening.

– Eat dinner late and with animal protein (meat, fish or eggs). A late and copious dinner will congest these two organs, which will not be able to rest during the night because they will be working on digestion.


– Drink twice a day a cup of broth with green vegetables (green leafy vegetables such as cabbage (the outermost leaves), celery, leek, and others such as turnips, onions…, boil for about 15 min).

– Carrot smoothies with turnip or apple or celery. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Do not do it if there are symptoms of cold.

– Finely grated turnip or radish to accompany meals, especially midday or evening.

– If there are triglycerides or high cholesterol, take liquid Chlorophyll or Green Barley every day.

– Do some gentle physical exercise to avoid stagnation: walking, tai chi, qi gong, yoga, cycling…

– Increase the consumption of fresh foods such as green leafy vegetables (boiled for 3 minutes – green beans and broccoli), especially the bitter ones (the bitter purges and cleanses): endives, artichokes, arugula, alfalfa sprouts, escarole, celery and sauerkraut (Fermented cabbage).

– Organic apples with skin. The malic acid they contain will help dilate the bile ducts and thus we will be able to expel mud if there is any. It is not necessary daily.

– Taking advantage of these months to cleanse, purify and decongest the Liver and Gallbladder will help us to be more calm, relaxed and serene. Drastic cleansing (fasting, severe cleansing diets…) in these months can generate side effects that harm the person’s state, both physically, mentally and emotionally. We must treat the physical body with respect and gentleness, not in a drastic and radical way. With a simpler, more natural diet indicated to gently purify the physical body and the mental-emotional body, you will feel better and there will be no wear and tear or imbalances.

Photo by Jessica Delp

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