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Infertility, or the inability to conceive a child, is a very common situation today and one of the greatest imbalances in couples, usually caused by the coexistence of several factors. Women usually feel taking the responsivity of having fertility issues to conceive however 20 % of all infertility problems are related to men’s health.

According to Chinese Medicine, infertility is explained by disorders in some organs, in addition to a disharmony of the emotional body which may be linked to an inadequate diet and a genetic predisposition.

The 5 pillars of infertility are listed below:

1. Detoxification: The accumulation of toxins in the body causes alterations in hormonal balance, reproductive functions and general health. A very important part of the process will be to help you eliminate accumulated toxins, and to change habits so as not to keep intoxicating your body again.

2. Stress control and emotion management: Emotions and especially stress, directly influence reproductive functions.

3. Strengthen the body: Along with detoxification and proper emotional management, it is important to strengthen the body through a clean and nutritious diet and supplements specially indicated to regulate your hormones and to improve your reproductive function. You will feel more energetic, lighter and with more spirit.

4. Regulate the body and reproductive function: The balance in vital functions in general, and in the menstrual cycle in particular, are essential to achieve a pregnancy that reaches term.

5. Treatment of other circumstances or pathologies: Fertility largely depends on your balance and general health. Let’s remember that the physical, energetic and emotional state are totally interrelated, and if one is out of adjustment, the others will also be affected.

Each pillar requires a specific action to sort it out. It usually needs to be a customized treatment because every woman is different. Through the application of different techniques (Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Diet lifestyle…) we will regulate your system, improving your general health and fertility.

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