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It might reflect on yourself as follows:

1 – When you get really angry, you tend to cry.

2 – You carry a lot of tension in your body unconsciously.

3 – You think you’re either suppressing or just unaware of your emotions most of the time. You usually look pretty calm on the outside.

4 – You might be diagnosed with a mental condition: anxiety disorder and/or OCD, both of which are generally well managed with medication.

Anyway, emotions are part of being human. We should always express our emotions no matter which ones are. Medication usually plug up the emotions. However, first is important to identify the emotion you’re experiencing in order to manage it.


Now, there are practical ways to identify, manage, and express your emotions healthily?

If you have problems managing anger, the healthiest way to express it is going into a “fight”. Best way to nurture the warrior (Liver) is to let him go to war. That is, controlling your fear and anxiety, because it damages your Kidneys.

Going to a “fight” means get into a martial arts, good way to help the Qi flow, for example Judo/Aikido, so much emotions expressed in few movements.

Going to the gym and doing regular exercise might help to however, doing cardio exercises, push ups, pull ups, stretching are internal fights, all this tonifies the Liver meridian and gets your blood flowing. It might get your emotions worse.

The best is to release the emotions out: external fight. Let the energy flow out. Get empty, no exhausted.

Photo by Joshua Jamias

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