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ENDOMETRIOSIS is a disease that affects between 5 and 20% of women worldwide, where endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus, often in the ovaries but can migrate to other sites such as the tubes, bladder, rectum, intestines or even the lungs.

The symptoms of endometriosis can be reduced to two: PAIN and/or INFERTILITY. The pain can be of many types and can become incapacitating, there may be pain before and/or during menstruation, pain when urinating, pain when defecating, there may be continuous pain, pain during sexual intercourse too.

Endometriosis is currently considered a disease of the immune system, but some already consider it as an autoimmune disease.

Currently it is considered to be an immunological disease so the following factors must be present to develop endometriosis:

– genetic predisposition

– intestinal hyperpermeability

– exposure to environmental toxins

Unfortunately we cannot act on the genetic predisposition, but we can work on the other two.

Current conventional treatment comprises:

– Hormonal treatments to suppress the secretion of natural estrogens, thus avoiding their stimulation on the foci of endometriosis.

– Analgesic treatment.

– Surgical treatment.

According to the theory of Chinese Medicine, endometriosis is known as “menstrual pain” due to its main symptom, and is included in the Blood Stasis Syndrome with the formation of abdominal masses. Blood Stasis is a situation in which the Blood does not flow properly causing severe pain, stabbing type of pain.

In addition, there may be other disharmony syndromes involved, such as Cold in the womb, excess Heat in the womb or Damp-Heat when the immune system is involved, Kidney Yang or Yin Deficiency and Blood Deficiency.

As you’ve seen above, it might have different roots so getting the right diagnosis will give an effective and efficient treatment.

Chinese medicine can:

1. Relieve pain and regulate menstrual bleeding.
2. Help you limit the proliferation of endometriosis and reduce foci.
3. Regulate the emotional affectation that can be the cause or consequence of the pain itself.
4. Accompany you to improve your fertility.
5. Improve your health and quality of life globally

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