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SPRAINS: Disabling injury. The sooner they are treated with acupuncture; the better and faster results you get through this therapy apart of less sessions. After going through Traumatology/Physiotherapy, Acupuncture combines perfectly with these disciplines.

LOW BACK PAIN AND LUMBOSACRAL PAIN. Either they’re acute and a direct consequence of sport and in other cases, chronic and not related to the sports practice, they’re still so painful and equally disabling. The effect of Acupuncture is immediate, but we will always look for a prior diagnosis from the Traumatology/GP before getting down to work in order to rule out the pathology if it requires surgical intervention.

MUSCLE CONTRACTURES AND PAIN. Whether cervical, dorsal or psoas, these conditions are so common in marathon runners.

PLANTAR FASCIITIS. The inflammation, pain and stiffness of the plantar fascia are so common in athletes and can become incapacitating for keep doing any physical activity. Due to the mechanisms that we have explained, acupuncture is an effective and quick solution. Although the treatment requires to be accompanied by adequate rest.

MUSCLE OVERLOAD. The Acupuncture technique quickly relieves and oxygenates the tissues. In addition, in this case we usually combine Acupuncture with Cupping, which athletes like Michael Phelps or Karim Benzema have used so much lately.

What advantages does this technique offer compared to classical Acupuncture?

  • The effects are very fast with immediate pain relief, leaving you pain-free from the first session (70 % pain-relief at least). As soon as the first needle is inserted, the pain intensity begins to decrease and it is perceptible by the patient.
  • It is never pricked in the affected or painful area and thus does not produce more local inflammation or added discomfort in the area, even though it is recommended for chronic inflammatory conditions over 3 months.
  • The needles do not move during the session for patient comfort. The needles are inserted in a precise, deep, fast and delicate way and are retained without moving them until the end of the session, when they are withdrawn.
  • At AcuRodos we use few needles, but in very powerful key points. Sometimes with five needles the session is done.
  • Comfort for the patient is a key factor in our clinic, who remains dressed throughout the session. The needles are mostly inserted into ankles, wrists, forearms, legs (from the knee down). Exceptions apply based on the condition.

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