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Tinnitus is the subjective sensation experienced when a noise is heard in one of the two ears. It can have different intensity, such as a high-pitched whistle, bells or running water. Anyway they can become so annoying that the quality of life can be noticeably affected keeping you awake during the night or struggling to concentrate and remain focused on any task.

The cause is unknown from a medical point of view however it is usually related to emotional distress, overwork, advanced age, excessive sexual activity, exposure to loud noises, or an unbalanced diet. Attention should be paid if it increases after consuming alcohol or any medication, if it occurs after eating food or after you urinate.

In Chinese Medicine, each of the five essential organs controls a sense and the Kidneys are responsible for nourishing the ears and promoting the sense of hearing. When the tinnitus is mild but constant, the Kidney is usually responsible for it. Emotions can also be involved in the appearance of tinnitus, especially if they appear suddenly and intense.

Chinese Medicine usually is very effective by application of Tui Na massage and Herbal Medicine in order to restore the circulation in the ears. Acupuncture also helps to harmonize locally.

Nutrition is also important, specially if there is a blood deficiency with an increase of sweet and salty foods such as legumes, algae, sesame, sardines, oysters, squid, cod, mushrooms, carrots, whole grains, rice, nuts.

If tinnitus is very intense and sudden onset, it will be necessary to avoid very hot foods, especially spicy, fatty and dairy foods. Fresh nature such as celery, lemon, grapefruit, green vegetables, dandelion, chicory, mint, radish, spinach are recommended.

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