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According to Chinese Medicine, High Cholesterol is an internal overproduction of what we call “phlegm” and “damp” that leads to the obstruction through the body.

The organs involved in this imbalance can be the Spleen, Liver or Kidney, with the consequent involvement of the Heart.

Spleen deficiency is the main factor that creates this pathogenesis, since the accumulation of internal phlegm depends mainly on it, probably due to inadequate nutrition for a long-term.

In the long run, spleen gets deficient so “phlegm” condenses leading to the obstruction of meridians and blood vessels, blocking the circulation of the Blood, or what we know as atherosclerosis.

Common recommendations to address this problem are generic changes in diet and taking statins, with all the side effects published.

However Chinese Medicine has different ways to solve this condition through the use of Chinese plants, acupuncture and diet, treating the cause of the problem from its root by dissolving the phlegm first and then stimulating the Spleen to bring it back to normal. By stimulating the Spleen we refer to use acupuncture and also dietary advice tailored to the specific syndrome is also of great importance.

Photo by Towfiqu Barbhuiya

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