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When dieting, dietitians usually prepare a balance diet with a counting of the amount of calories consumed in a portion of food. The main idea is to eat the maximum amount of food with the lower calorie’s intake as possible.

Now if we look at it a bit further, we should consider another critical approach: the most important thing in treating any disease or condition, whether it is an addiction, the flu or obesity, the primary aim is to increase the function of the organs so that they have enough energy to overcome the pathology (sickness).

When we’re getting old, our organs also are being affected so they’re not performing at the same level than at the age of 20, 25 or 30. This is critical to be considered and treated. When our organs are functioning at their highest potential, the immune system is strong, the mind is steady, the metabolism is healthy and the potential of any disease is dramatically reduced.

In the case of obesity, the organs that are primarily affected are the Stomach and Spleen (spleen in Chinese Medicine also refers to the pancreas). This means that the Stomach and Spleen organ function has been compromised somewhere along the line. It can be influenced by genetics (e.g either parent had a Stomach deficiency which passed to offspring), meaning the person is born with an underdeveloped or under functioning spleen and stomach organ.

However it is more likely that it is due to the foods and drinks consumed during upbringing. Over time, years and years of these foods and behaviours has compromised the organ function to such an extent that the digestive fire has gone out almost completely and the metabolism has become impaired.

For example, when our organs are strengthened and working well, we can give them almost anything and they will be able to handle it. Give a person who exercise regularly some chocolate or ice-cream and it won’t have much of an effect on their overall Stomach and Spleen function. Sorry… it will have a slight affect of course, but because their organ function is likely to be strong, the organs will probably re-establish energetic within a few hours after eating. Now, give an overweight person with diabetes some chocolate or ice-cream and, because their organ function is already weak, it will have a massive effect on their Stomach and Spleen function. Based on Chinese Medicine, tThe Stomach and Spleen (pancreas) organs are the primary organs affected in weight gain.

Longer digestions, diarrhoeas, constipation, food intolerances and bloating after meals are signs of Stomach-Spleen imbalances. Therefore, they’re treatable with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy

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