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Postpartum care is critical and a quarantine is necessary.

In Chinese Medicine, women have considerable waste of Qi (energy) and Xue (Blood) during pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore it is essential to replace this deficit to maintain health for the years to come, specially if you’re planning to get pregnant again in the short-term.Deficiency of Qi and Blood make women vulnerable not only physically but emotionally too (e.g depression postpartum is a blood deficiency based on Chinese Medicine).

Resting the month after birth is key: mom should focus exclusively on resting, regain strength, feed and stay with the baby. However other actions are necessary:

1 – Go to the bathroom: do not try to avoid it by fearing the pain after partum. Keep your tummy warm during the day.

2 – Practice yoga along with your baby.

3 – Keep yourself warm and cosy 27/7: keep in mind that your Kidney Yang is very deficient so let’s avoid your uterus getting too cold.

4 – Proper nourishment: eat small quantities several times a day.

Photo by Sydney Sims

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