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Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are caused by bacteria (usually E. coli) in the urinary tract or bladder. These infections can be painful and cause symptoms like burning while urinating, urgency and increased frequency urinating, low-grade fever, and even low back pain.

UTI represents one of the most common bacterial infections. Approximately 40% of women experience at least 1 symptomatic UTI during their lifetime, with approximately 25% suffering recurrent UTIs (RUTIs).Repeated antibiotic courses are often prescribed for treating and preventing RUTIs.

Effective alternative and complementary treatments are valuable for these RUTIs as they don’t only kill the infection but reinforce the UT functions.

In Chinese Medicine most UTIs are considered to be damp-heat in the lower jiao (bladder). To treat damp-heat in the lower jiao we choose food, acupuncture points, and herbs that clear heat, dispel dampness, and promote urination.I have dealt with a number of recurring UTI infections with patients (and kidney stones – they tend to be of the same aetiology). It is necessary to drain and clear, and the other to balance out by nourishing the fluids. Thus acupuncture and herbal medicine are key.

However based on my experience, nutrition is the most important aspect of health and healing and also the most over looked. Proper nutrition can prevent UTIs by boosting the bodies immune system and using certain foods to help clear heat and dampness.

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