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Acupuncture is often wasted by those who need it most. When our schedules are full of things-to-do, it is difficult to find a time for one more appointment. But the busier you are, the more necessary self-care becomes. Stress, even positive stress – that which motivates us to achieve our goals – takes a toll on our physical and mental state.

Here are five reasons why acupuncture deserves a space on your calendar:

1 – Sleep better with acupuncture: it has a tendency to produce more nights of deep and restful sleep.

2 – Boost your immune system through acupuncture: it strengthens the immune system so that you may avoid illnesses rather than deal with them once they occur.

3 – Get more energy with acupuncture: you feel more energy during the day that might last even days or weeks after the acupuncture treatment. You may notice that that groggy feeling doesn’t appear after eating, that you feel more motivated to go to the gym, or just feel a little more power in your steps when walking.

4 – Increase your mental clarity with acupuncture: patients feel more motivated and determined to resolve the issues that they have been putting for months on their to-do list. It is as if the mind has cleared out.

5 – Relieve stress with acupuncture: improving you stress management is one of the frequent reasons people approach acupuncture. However, not everyone admits or acknowledges that they have stress in their life. Busy people are often so used to living with a certain level of stress that it becomes their “normal” state. It is only in the absence of stress that these people realize how stressed they were when they started. Through mood regulation, acupuncture allows you to feel less affected by stress and with more tools to handle the stressful aspects of your busy life.

Photo by Katherine Hanlon

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