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Acute pain is frequently more severe and challenging than chronic pain that comes back and force. Besides, medication alone is usually not enough for treating an abrupt and sudden pain.

A new study has been published indicating how the usage of auricular acupuncture and peripheral acupuncture (needles in head, neck and extremities), when added to usual care, were more feasible, acceptable, and efficacious. Usually patients visit me when they’ve been dealing with their pain for weeks or even months. Acupuncture still works but more sessions are required to reach full recovery. 

If acupuncture is applied during the first days would be more helpful than waiting for too long. Just imagine the unnecessary suffering of pain when acupuncture would actually give you a more long-term relief.

Interesting how the study pointed out auricular acupuncture for pain relief. The truth is that can work for more than pain; also for weight reduction, burn trauma, sports trauma, gastric disorders, climacteric disorder, dysmenorrhea, arthritis, hiccups, urinary calculus  and even mental health (mental health, hallucinations, anxiety.

Peripheral acupuncture relates of needling the exterior areas of the body only such as the head, neck and extremities to treat any pain wherever is located. This is very interesting for 2 reasons: first you avoid needling areas of pain where more sensitivity exists and second, you avoid any risk of causing tissue damage on the injured area.

Therefore, remember that acupuncture generally speaking, and auricular acupuncture, distal-peripheral acupuncture and electroacupuncture specifically, can treat any type of pain you might be suffering right now.

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