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After some sunny days having beers and tapas, it’s time to start a new period. In Chinese Medicine, we call it the 5th season where your digestive system is more vulnerable. Therefore those with digestive issues might feel more discomfort than usual. Actually 90% of my patients are coming with some digestive unbalances as chief complaint during this month.

Here are some tips to help you start this course with strength and enthusiasm:

1 – Rebalance your diet: as your digestive system is deficient, avoid meats, dairy and fried foods during September only.

2 – Take probiotics with prebiotics.

3 – Avoid too much self-reflection: September is the best month of the year to do meditation because there is a higher tendency to overthinking. Vacation gives free time to think about our lives and careers.

4 – Do NOT perform excessive physical activity: The muscles are directly related to the Stomach and spleen element. As you are deficient, excessive physical activity makes you more deficient and feeling more fatigue than usual.

5 – Plan your goals instead of improvising: dreams without a due date, are only dream and never become a reality. Do you miss your vacation? Plan the next ones.

6 – Rearrange your home: In Chinese Medicine, everything is connected so an organized home also “organize” your mind. Try it! It works.

7 – Create a routine: perfect time of the year to set up new routines and change old ones. Did you know that September is the best month to quit smoking?

8 – Strengthen your social life: best month to start new friends, to apologize those people that got hurt and get friendships back.

9 – Keep an eye on your personal finances: September usually is the month where personal expenses are the highest (new beginnings).

10 – Resume your medical treatments: if you have taken a break during vacation, then time retrieve them back.It is usually recommended an acupuncture session at the beginning of each season. It makes a difference.

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo

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